History of republic day
History of republic day

26th January Republic day is a very honorable day on which the constitution of India has been made  .on this day govt has made some rule and regulation for the country . for the betterment of people which is established on  26th January 1950..the Indian government has adopted the concept of constitution on 26th November  1949 . and implement these rule on 26th January 1950. after the constitution has been implied the country has become an independent republic. Let go for history of a republic day

History of republic day

India got freedom from British raj on   15th august 1947   Following the independence movement. The independence came through the independence Indian act 1947. India achieved their independence on 15th  august 1947 as a monarchy with George  VI  who was the king of the united kingdom as governor-general was the Representative of the monarch of the united kingdom. The country did not have a permanent constitution it’s only on the modified colonial Government of Indian act 1935..on 29th august 1947    on the basis of drafting committee an offer letter has been circulated. According to the  Drafting. The committee was appointed For the permanent constitution. DR Babasaheb has been selected as the chairman.

Dr. Babasaheb  Ambedkar was the Indian jurist, politicians and social reformer who inspired all the Dalits people .while India already celebrated their freedom from British rule. On 26th January  India proud themself for making a rule for the betterment of people .the Republic Day celebrates the coming into force of its constitution. A draft constitution was created by the committee and submitted to the constituent assembly on 4th November 1947 the assembly met in sessions open to the public for 166 days and spread over the period of two years and 11 months and 18 days before adopting the constitution. After many issues and some modifications in the assembly there are 308 member who signs two handwritten copies of the document one document is in Hindi and the second one is English.

on 26th January it came into effect through the whole nation. On 26th January dr Rajendra prasad has been made a first president of India .after  getting all the signs to form the 308 members’ constituent assembly became the parliament of India. so that why 26th January is celebrated  in India  as republic day

Parade on 26th January

Delhi is one of the largest and most important for parades marking the republic day celebration in India  .every year parade has been done on 26th January at Rajpath, New Delhi. To make the importance of the republic day every year a grand parade has been held in New Delhi from the Raisina hill Rashtrapati Bhavan. .At the start of the parade prime minister of India lays a floral wreath at the Amar jawan Jyoti for the memorial to a fallen soldier in India after jyot we have followed two min silence in the memory of fallen soldier. It a reminder of  people who sacrifice their lives  for the safety of India .after that president arrives along with the chief guest of the occasion  they escorted on the horse  by the president bodyguard

After that the president unfurls the national flags as the national anthem is played a  with a 21 gun salute is given as the PBG render the national salutes .after the nationals flags and nationals anthem has been done important awards like Ashok chakra and Kirti chakra has been given by the president of india..after that the march past has been started The prime minister comes forward to award the medals for the bravery of the people from the armed forces and civilians also got some medals for the bravery who has distinguished themselves by their different act of valor in different situations. History of republic day

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Why 26th January was chosen as the republic day?

26th January is chosen as republic day because on that day the declaration of Indian independence purna swaraj  was proclaimed  by the Indian national congress .some of the dominion has offered by the British Regime to the Indian national congress History of republic day

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Chief Guest For republic day

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History Of republic day


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